• 1 Aug
    21 Dec

    Astanga Yoga Classes Thurs/Fri/Sat

    Classes are 6:30-8:30am Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays starting August 1st 2019

    Fee:£100 per month/£20 drop-in

    Limited to 10. Please contact the centre on info@forgeyoga.co.uk or phone 01803867440 to reserve a place.

    Some Yoga experience necessary, but beginners to Astanga are welcome!

  • 7 Aug
    28 Aug

    Closed Continuum practice group

    Wednesdays 1:30-3:00 August 7/14/21/28 2019 No drop-ins.

    Please contact Bethany to book a place:bethanyamurray@gmail.com

  • 21 Sep
    22 Sep
    Doug Swenson at The Forge!

    Doug Swenson at The Forge!

  • 29 Sep
    Autumn workshop with Gina

    Autumn workshop with Gina

    29th Sept 2019

    Yoga flow Autumn 'decluttering' Workshop with Gina

    After the busy summer let's take a moment to find space. Recalibrate. Connect. Flowing yoga, breath, alignment and energy work which will play on the classical Chinese Element of Metal to bring us into the here and now.
    Our focus will be on the lungs and large intestine meridians, exploring the circulation of vital energy through body, mind and spirit. Helping the body to naturally get rid of waste: clearing, releasing, decluttering.
    We'll explore that last burst of autumn colour and energy in nature and the sense of peace it brings.
    The session will begin with dynamic flowing postures, poses will be adapted to for all different levels but expect to be playfully challenged to your edge.
    Working with our senses we'll find our way to stiller, quieter postures where we'll be able to find deep nourishment and rejuvenation for mind and body.
    This workshop will include upbeat Yoga Flow, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and deep relaxation to help you find peace among your true nature.
    Spaces limited please book ASAP if you'd like to reserve a space. Please see the other workshop listed below: Winter (24th Nov).
    £22 per workshop
    Full payment is required to reserve your place.
    E: gina@yogasunshine.co.uk
    M: 077950 323 46
    W: www.yogasunshine.co.uk

  • 19 Oct
    Ayurveda: Vata with Virginia Compton

    Ayurveda: Vata with Virginia Compton

    Introduction to Ayurveda, focusing on Vata
    Vata is the energy of air and ether, the energy that gives us our inspiration and creativity. When focused it feeds our imagination and allows us to feel free and full of vitality. In excess this energy can create anxiety, restlessness, a feeling of being ungrounded, insomnia and physical symptoms of bloating, constipation and IBS as well as headaches and migraines.
    This three hour workshop we will explore how our Yoga practices can calm and bring this energy back into balance as well as simple things you can include in your daily routine to help with any physical symptoms, as well as anxiety and insomnia.
    This afternoon will include:
    Yoga and Pranayama practice for maintaining balance and equilibrium (Asana, Pranayama and Nidra).
    Discussion on examples of all the different energies and how they manifest in our daily life.
    The Ayurvedic daily clock and yearly cycles
    Meditation on the elements and energy body

    Booking is essential, please email Virginia on virginiasyoga@icloud.com to secure your place.
    Cost is £20, £10 deposit payable on booking.

  • 16 Nov

    Yoga workshop with Caroline Lang

  • 24 Nov
    Winter workshop with Gina

    Winter workshop with Gina

    24th November 2019
    Yoga flow winter 'kidney recharge' Workshop with Gina

    In traditional Chinese medicine water is the Winter element. Let's explore and strengthen the associated Kidney and Bladder Meridians. A time to rest more, quieten things down and find some introspection. But with the lead up to Christmas, we can struggle to accommodate these natural instincts.
    Let's avoid feeling of overwhelmed this year and use this precious time to re-charge our Jing. Time and space to explore with no demands. Power up our kidneys with lots of fun techniques from yoga and inspirational Eastern traditions.
    We are mostly water so we'll play with the water element. We can use dynamic flowing yoga to free us from the build-up of daily tension. We'll then work on rejuvenating vitality as our inward practises begin to take root. We'll smile and soften with gravity into deeper, longer holds and more restorative poses to increase our reserves of energy and bring a shine to our eyes.
    Spaces limited please book ASAP if you'd like to reserve a space.
    £22 per workshop
    Full payment is required to reserve your place.

    0779 503 2346

  • 30 Nov

    Yoga workshop with Toni Roberts

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