• 1 Aug
    21 Dec

    Astanga Yoga Classes Thurs/Fri/Sat

    Classes are 6:30-8:30am Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays starting August 1st 2019

    Fee:£100 per month /£20 drop-in

    Limited to 10. Please contact the centre on info@forgeyoga.co.uk or phone 01803867440 to reserve a place.

    Some Yoga experience necessary, but beginners to Astanga are welcome!

  • 15 Nov
    13 Dec

    5 week Feldenkrais course with Judit Meixner

    £40/ £10 drop-in. 

  • 15 Dec
    Forrest Yoga with Symi

    Forrest Yoga with Symi


    Please contact Symi directly for more information or to book a space: breathe@symiyoga.co.uk

  • 8 Jan
    12 Feb

    6 week Feldenkrais course with Judit Meixner

    6 week Feldenkrais course 8 Jan -12 Feb (£48) £10 drop in.

  • 1 Feb

    Ayurveda and Yoga for menopause with Virginia Compton

    1st February: 2-5pm: Ayurveda and Yoga for menopause £25
    This workshop is tailored to look at menopause which is such a pertinent issue for so many. Virginia is herself experienced on a personal level with menopause, as she only teaches from her own experience, now feels that she wants to share this with you.
    In Ayurveda menopause is strongly associated with all of our constitutional states in different ways. We will explore how these elemental energies interplay with one another, shifting and changing, and what we can do in our daily life, diet and Yoga practice to help us to manage any symptoms and to effectively care for ourselves at this often challenging time.
    We will also explore how menopause is viewed by some was a time of becoming empowered and full of wisdom, and how we can put this to good use.
    Flowing but gentle and sensitive Yoga practices and Yoga Nidra will support this whole process.
    Booking is essential. £10 deposit is required on booking.

  • 5 Apr

    Spring Cleanse with Gina!

    9:30-11...more details to follow...

  • 18 Apr

    Spring cleanse with Ayurveda and Yoga with Virginia Compton

    Saturday 18 April: 3-6pm: Spring cleanse with Ayurveda and Yoga £25
    Spring is an ideal time, after the sluggish slower energy of the cold dark winter months, to cleanse and detox the body.
    Our discussion will centre around why this is such a good time to detox, as well as Ayurvedic methods of cleansing, including neti, and the recommended Ayurvedic daily routine that helps the body and mind to maintain a sense of equilibruin, health and wellness. Information will also be given on how to do a 'kitchari cleanse'.
    We will then practice cleansing breathing (kriyas), gentle detoxing postures and focusing meditation to prepare us for the more vibrant Spring and Summer ahead.
    There will be an opportunity to purchase a spring cleanse pack, containing ingredients for a kitchari cleanse, digestive tea, neti pot, tongue scraper and Ayurvedic herbs.
    Booking is essential. £10 deposit is required on booking.

  • 5 Jul

    Summer Workshop with Gina!

    9:30-11  more details to follow....

  • 27 Sep

    Autumn Workshop with Gina!

    9:30-11...more details to follow...

  • 29 Nov

    Winter workshop with Gina!

    9:30-11...more details to follow...

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