• Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga)

    Embodied Practice/Embodied Presence


    An integrated practice that links Buddhist inquiry with the bodymind. It is an excellent for beginners or as an adjunct to an already established Yoga or Meditation practice, as well as having an inherent integrity as a practice in and of itself. Kum Nye cultivates the environment for meditation to arise effortlessly and organically the result of which is the establishment of an embodied presence: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is hard to describe so best just to come along and see if it might be the practice for you! All levels are welcome. Offered every other week on a Saturday afternoon- please check the website under 'Workshops' for current scheduling.

  • Flowing Yoga with Gina Hayes


    A flowing Hatha yoga class which aims to leave you toned, revitalised and with an extra spring in your step. Expect a creative fusion of of uplifting breathing techniques, alignment, self massage and flowing yoga.

    Whether the theme is ‘Bliss’, ‘Detox’ or ‘Spring Booster’, I work with the light and the seasons to create a unique, nourishing yoga experience whatever your ability.

  • Feldenkrais with Judit


    One way the Feldenkrais Method is expressed is through group classes called Awareness Through Movement (ATM). In the ATM class you will be verbally guided through precisely structured movement explorations that involve sensing, moving, and sometimes imagining. Many are based on developmental movements and ordinary functional activities. Some are based on more abstract explorations of joint, muscle, and postural relationships. Awareness Through Movement lessons attempt to make one aware of his/her habitual neuromuscular patterns or limitations and to expand options for new ways of moving while increasing sensitivity and improving efficiency.  

    It is suitable to all ages and abilities. People who suffer from back or neck pain; stiffness and tension in muscles or joints; stress and lack of mobility particularly benefit. Anyone who is interested in improving and making everyday activities like walking, sitting, standing or a skill let it be dance, sport, or music more enjoyable.

    ​ Feldenkrais uses learning and movement with inner sensation as a medium to experience many benefits, some of which are:
    Improved flexibility and posture
    Relief from tension, pain and stress
    Broader vocabulary of movements with less effort
    Greater body awareness and vitality in life  
    Wear warm and loose clothing to allow easy movement. Blankets and mats are provided, but bring your own if you prefer to.

    Block of 6 classes £48 Drop-in £10 by arrangement, no previous experience necessary!

    To book or for more information contact Judit 07585 447450 or visit http://juditmeixner.com/contact/

  • Bespoke Yoga Workshop


    Rather than packaging information into a 'one size fits all' workshop, these yoga workshops are intended to meet the individual needs of the participants who attend. Specific questions that you bring about postures, philosophy, anatomy, diet etc. will form the content of the workshop. This way everyone learns something relevant to their own practice as well as learning a great deal from each other's queries.

  • Astanga Yoga


    Primary series led T/W/TH 6:30-8:30am. 3 class a week commitment required. No drop-ins.

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