• Open drop-in class with various teachers


    The open drop-in classes are for all levels of student. The teachers present a class that is both challenging to experienced practitioners and accessible to newcomers. Each teacher has their own style informed by their individual educations in Yoga practice, so it is best to just come and try the different classes to see which one best suits your needs and requirements.

  • Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) with Gretchen Faust

    Embodied Practice/Embodied Presence


    An integrated practice that links Buddhist inquiry with the bodymind. It is an excellent for beginners or as an adjunct to an already established Yoga or Meditation practice, as well as having an inherent integrity as a practice in and of itself. Kum Nye cultivates the environment for meditation to arise effortlessly and organically the result of which is the establishment of an embodied presence: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is hard to describe so best just to come along and see if it might be the practice for you! All levels are welcome.

  • Satyananda Yoga with Atmamantra


    Satyananda Yoga was devised by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and his lineage. It is a meditative approach to yoga emphasising the spiritual aspects of yoga and the importance of developing awareness through the use of these classical practices. It offers a systematic way of studying yoga that ensures students develop a firm foundation in their practice from where they can advance safely. It is gentle when compared with the more dynamic styles that have recently become popular, and consequently lends itself much better to the therapeutic application of these practices to the chronic ailments that so many suffer from.

    It also takes a broader outlook by encouraging students to take these practices off the mat and integrate them into their lives and so become more resilient to the turbulence caused by modern life. Satyananda Yoga brings together Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga to form a comprehensive approach to personal development and spiritual life to enable everyone to realise their potential and live life to the full.

  • Candlelit Yin Yoga with Cami Robyn


    An embodied evening guided by the wisdom of the seasons, these classes encourage us to journey deeply into the language of sensation. We will navigate our ever changing inner landscapes through the exploration of yin yoga, organic movement, sound & stillness.

    Yin Yoga is a unique and powerful practice that awakens the deep connective tissues; facia, ligament & bone. Surrendering into the yin shapes for a lengthened amount of time allows us the opportunity to meet our edges and attune to our organismic intelligence.

    Cami also offers one to one sessions in yin yoga and somatic movement enquiry . Please contact her for more details 07762 922035 or cameliarobyn@gmail.com


    Teaching yoga & movement for eight years, Cami encourages a deeper enquiry into what it means to be an embodied human being. She’s certified in hatha, yin & prenatal yoga.

  • Conscious Yoga with Katie Burgess


    Using varying styles of Yoga to suit those present, holistically including elements such as the time of day, time of year, even the weather, this class holds something for everyone. with a steady core of breathworks, and calm, fun physical study of the body and its capabilities, This class is open to all levels of experience, a keen sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore the outer limits of the comfort zone are encouraged!

  • Flowing Yoga with Gina Hayes


    A flowing Hatha yoga class which aims to leave you toned, revitalised and with an extra spring in your step. Expect a creative fusion of of uplifting breathing techniques, alignment, self massage and flowing yoga.

    Whether the theme is ‘Bliss’, ‘Detox’ or ‘Spring Booster’, I work with the light and the seasons to create a unique, nourishing yoga experience whatever your ability.

  • Scaravelli inspired Yoga with Gemma Mallol


    Gemma's Yoga class is inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and is an invitation to re-awaken the natural intelligence of the body, that has an innate healing and organisational capacity within it.

    Instead of further stressing and straining the body into shapes and breathing patterns that may override this innate intelligence, this kind and intuitive approach to Yoga invites us to gradually un-do habitual tension that may fragment and distort the natural vitality of the body and breath. The body is gently guided back towards its centre, to a state of engaged rest that is in-formed and supported by gravity, and where fresh energy, nourishment and new relationships may be experienced from the inside out.

    “The feeling is more interior, because the motion is inside, the feeling is inside. It’s a feeling of well-being while you do the poses not to achieve. You must never have in mind what you want to do but what the body can accept."
    Vanda Scaravelli

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